I see a land of constant enchantment

Away, way beyond the farthest star.

Train tracks or planes not needed there

Nor Greyhounds or cars.



Flight of Spirit Angels we find

Difficult to consider,

But with Jesus’ answer to our prayers,

Why easier to figure?



Believe it!  There is joy up there

Not down!  Of that I am certain!

For anything this earth contends,

Impenetrable the curtain!



Hi-speed, we figure within time zones

Slowest of the slow!

While Spirit flight is immediate!

From Heaven to below!



A thought can travel from here to India

And back in a flash!

And is that not in the heavenly realm?

As now in the flesh we bask…



One day when Spirit will take its flight

From body in the grave,

While deteriorating there, not needed now,

For providence will pave—



The way to happiest Gloryland

Beyond that farthest star!

Ever, ever very happiest

Above fairy tales by far!



This poem states facts in the complete

As one day soon I will see

Traveling light nothing goes with me,

For it is there I long to be!



I have lived my life so full of mistakes

And maybe you have made a few,

But I have confessed all to my God and

Have been forgiven, so true!



Up there a flight with Angels compares

With many flights beginning

With countless systems beyond,

Ever and ever, no ending!



the Sam  05.14.12

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