A new day dawning and with it comes

Hope, new joy to rest upon.

Sure, rest for the people of God!

By faith this work is begun!



“Faith, the substance of things hoped for

The evidence of things not seen.”

By faith we know Jesus is near!

The arms on which we can lean!



Do not need a leaning post

Have everlasting arms!

Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost are

Keeping me from harm!



Delighting in His presence near!

Just what have I to fear?

At ninety-three I realize

End of this life is near!



Do I fear death?  Of course,

Like, the feeling so unknown.

Often I pray, “Lord, let it be night

When You and I are alone.”



You are never alone in combat

Though often I felt that way!

Leading patrol, the only scout,

Can do it himself!  What is to say?



Has a call to preach.

Cannot kill him!  Guess everybody knew!

That the Hand of God was on this boy

That God would see him through.



After I had planted that grenade

And foreseeing the result

Sure, it happened as I knew it would

I am not out to start a new cult!



Just to praise God’s abiding presence

Your faith too, if you believe

I am way past age when most folk expire!

Combative?  No, just peaceful me!



I am since soldiering for the cause of Christ!

Nothing evil l can harm!

This has distinctly positive proof!

In Christ, no cause for alarm!



Instinctive this knowledge within me!

God said, “No harm can come!”

So “Trust in the Lord with all your heart!”

In God’s hands, His will is done!



Sam trusts, you can, too!

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