The temptation may strike a low blow at times

More often, a bit higher up

The figure face, sure, a whistle-stop.

Hold it, had enough!



But not very easy to do, you know,

Normalcy has its place!

“Woman needs man and man must have

His mate.”  Subject of grace!



Telepathy spiritual or not

A fixation, put it on hold

Many mistakes have been made right here!

Too young, too soon, too bold!



Put God first!  Knows best, assuredly!

Some Old Testament hero’s thought

Otherwise!  Examples not to follow!

Consider what most of them bought.



Troubles on troubles, Solomon few

Vanity of vanities all

All those concubines, sure, one way too many

Now one is the right, the call.



To singleness of purpose!  Paul’s advice

In essence to serve the Lord!

When serving the Lord together find,

Companionship in accord!



Sad separations so many today!

Divorce Courts tell the tale!

For sixty years we have looked after each other,

Sure, far better than email.



God put her hand in mine, long ago

Both thought, “How sweet it is!”

Kids, grandchildren and great-grand’s, too,

Following God’s way in bliss!



What else is there, as if I forgot,

“I go to prepare a place!”

Only God knows the bliss I will share

With millions, to look on His face!



But meanwhile, my cathedral, aka my room,

Where I love God through my poems

Grandchildren, a picture taken long time ago,

Looking up, I see just forms!



Their souls, spirits, someday I will see

In that Grand Place above

All together and forever, I want to see

All lost in our Savior’s love!



the Sam 05.02.12

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