Where am I?  Feeling so good!

Took a nap a time ago

Thought I was dying, but now

Take a look, does it show?



Feeling so different!  Not a care!

Joy?  Sure, though been awhile!

Am I in heaven?  Just hoping!

Do not have to force that smile.



Smile seems permanent, like, I forget

All things tragic, sad!

Guess I must be still dreaming,

But no!  Wide awake!  And glad!



Looks different too, like, unreal!

And a bird there so close!

On my hand yet!  Cannot believe

This has to be the most!



“Have not seen anything yet!”  Who spoke?

Not the bird!  Could not be!

But that little beak moved again, “Yes,

Yes!  Of course, it was me!”



“Can you see anyone else around?

This you need to hear!

I forgive you for killing such as I

But you grew up!  It would appear!”



Bird flew off, felt tears in my eyes,

A tiger growled near by

“I will not eat you!  Heaven!  You know!”

My trembling ceased, then a sigh!



“Some of us made it!”  A lion near.

Understanding forever the

“Cannot believe I am conversing with a lion,

Fearing you now?  Like never!”



“God did it all!”  Lion spoke again,

“So hard considering—”, said I.

Woke up then with joy in my heart,

Sure, a big tear in my eye!



Should I, like, go now?  Not for me to say!

Whether to go or stay.

If God says, “Not yet,” sure He has the say

That states, “Now” or “Wait”…



the Sam has been waiting for 93 years!

Not long to wait now!  05.01.12

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