Of course, I gaze at the blue sky out there

Without ending,  forever!

Who knows what lies beyond our century?

Limitless space, ending never!



“Heavens declare the Glory of God”

The firmament, His handiwork!

With so many firmaments beyond

Permanent one cannot shirk!



“I go to prepare places for you.”

New planetary systems?

Way beyond Arcturus in our space.

Can any consider distance?



Forever and ever Creator has been

Preparing places out there

Space without limit, in our times, also,

Where?  Of course, everywhere!



Not just a place but a time extending

Sure, way beyond Timbuktu.

Everlastingly!  Time without end!

Forever?  What is there to do?



Well, can you imagine, God The Creator,

Considering nothing out there?

Nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs?

Nothing at all?  Does he care?



A “caring God prescribes happiness”

The heavenlies await!

His thought provoking contingency’s

His own to satiate!



True I know God is limitless!

Diversities unending!

Considering animal life alone

Sure, monotony contending!



And I am thinking we have yet to see

What our God can and will do!

To consummate His blessings fill!

On us, His children, true!



Despair not!  His favors await!

Limitless His Blessings!

And loved ones there cannot wait to show

Certainly not distressing!



the Sam has not been there, but is going!

Heaven awaits!




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