Dear Jesus, You died to forgive but You live!

To take me up there!

I will never quite understand such love

But gladly accept so fair!



I am selfish, I know, but admittedly

Of course, that I am!

Eat my food, though I am hungry or not!

And gasp for breath as I can!



Avoiding the grave a large part of life!

Especially when you are 93!

While I used to look out for the other guy

Now I care more for the me!



Gasping for breath realization comes

The preciousness of this life!

Now I am praying, “Lord, take me home!”

Avoiding all of life’s strife!



Now remembering when shrapnel whistled

About my helmeted head!

Like, almost wishing for some to dig in

Sure, wishing I was dead!



Reckon a death wish sure had to be!

When I waved that grenade

In plainest view of the enemy!

Down there in the shade!



Of course they could see me!  But why

Suppose they waited

For night when they could get us all!

With that grenade I had planted!



Just a stupid trick!  I stayed awake

Sure, then I heard them come

To get that grenade and sure I had another!

Threw it!  It was done!



Of course a suicidal kid!  And

No, I have – no, I have no regrets!

It was war, supposed to be done!

‘Old one’ now Heaven gets–



This Scout!  Dear God, am I ready?

Blood all washed from my hands

Dying soon with Heaven my home!

Because of His love bands!



“Samuels’ only Prophecy!”



the Sam  04.18.12

One thought on “GOD’S LOVE BANDS

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