Did I ever thank you for this

Talent You gave?

Sometimes I forget, I seem to think

“It was all, Sam made!



Not in the least sure my thoughts elsewhere,

Frivolous activity

Just what applies to having fun!

That has always been me!



Tribute to boredom, what else to think?

I wrote A book, a time ago,

But for expression of deity

There has to be a flow!



Magic no, a far better word

What is better than, supernal?

Combining great with the Divine!

Considering Eternal!



Eternal His thought and His plan!

But Adam evicted,

No more the Garden the everlasting

Adam and Eve convicted!



Why did Christ die?  Divine the plan,

Not without tragedy!

Horrible suffering but for mankind

That suffering had to be!



“For God so loved the world that He gave His

Only begotten Son, that

Who-so-ever believeth in Him…

Everlasting life,” has won!



God wants His hurting people home!

Incredibly true!

So did He not prove that love

In dying for you?



Ana for me!  Yes, for everyone!

How figure the Deity?

Made everlasting space, the worlds,

Did it!  For you and me!



Then killed, penalty for our sins!

Know the meaning of Grace?

He, the Only Sinless One!

Died taking our place!



Emmanuel, God with us, and still above!



the Sam

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