W.W. II, sure, I fought in it, guess I did something right

And before that challenged all, “Put on the gloves and fight!”

High school days then mat my match, his weight over 210

Near twice my weight, felt like old Dan in that lion’s den!



Left home to hitchhike, soldier-of-fortune, the call

Had a banana a day many times that was it all!

But soon tired of all that bumming around

And those sleepless nights on the ground!



Did I say bath-less during that time?

Except for a plunge or two

In some lonely river or stream when

Nothing better to do.



Then a railroad gang called, Ghandy Dancers,

For want of significant terms.

All bums like myself more meat in the stew!

No worry then about germs.



Decidedly and almost permanent

A bum in Trinidad

In the Southwestern tip of Colorado

A nowhere that nobody had!



Did God, like, determine then “Do” something else

Or see it forever before?

What to do with this pleasure seeking bum,

Sure did!  And a whole lot more!



Seminary then marriage and preaching!

10 churches clear across the states!

As I grow older, not very steady on

Places or exact dates!



Did God see us through?  93 and still here!

Precious wife, just 81.

Heaven is brighter each day that we live

Certain of day when it is done!



Delighted to serve Him until then

However can any know when?



the Sam don’t know!  04.18.12

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