Most hated of all officers, much later I found!

As we were marched on parade South Pacific bound!

Spotted him on the side unashamedly

Weeping as he watched his troops leave for overseas.



His act was just that and from your face

Angry enough to kill.

“Pick up them snowshoes!  You feather merchants!”

Like, daring to ‘take the hill’!



I took that dare and went over the hill!

Discharged from the Marines, had my fill!

Took my 4-F and hitchhiked the States!

Unashamed as kids on roller skates!



Later, the shame did do its trick

Feeling, like, super ashamed!

Marines, of course, would not take me back!

But Army made its claim!



Did myself proud, won everything there!

Only expert on rifle range

In our platoon, what can I say?

Of course, no prize to claim!



Rejected the cadre of that platoon,

Elected to join paratroops!

Some others did likewise, hopped on that truck

Fort Benning, Georgia the scoop!



Not the tough I had anticipated

Four weeks then “Stand in the door!”

One 1-thousand, two 1-thousand, three- and away…

Scared?  Sure!  But went for 2 more!



Anything to avoid the overseas!

Many, like myself, to understand!

Eventually though my number came up

Sure, it is not what I had planned!



But was not too bad, God protected, of course!

Lost nothing but lots of weight!

God took control, protected  this boy!

Making ready for Heaven’s gate!



And readying others, the preaching task

A 3-year man,  10 churches in all!

But not important, what is obedience.

Sure I said, ‘Yes’, to each call!



Except for one, two churches in wilderness of South Dakota,

My leading elsewhere!



the Sam  04.13.12

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