Those days of ceaseless activity – what?  Forever past?

Course back then I feared that they would always last and last!

Leading patrol, World War II, hundred-sixty lbs. back then.

Could not stay there, few more months near weightless when–



I tipped the scales a mere 130 lbs., so what happened there?

Near weightless felt I could run always going anywhere.

Combat far but I lived on just the bullion and the coffee!

Six continuous months of this and I could barely see me!



Felt weightless, healthy leading patrol each day.

Walking fast, “Slow down, Sam!”  From the rear, I hear,

Shot rings out!  Enemy wakes!  Then on quietly!

We soon learn enemy lives!  Keep moving silently!



Then someone asks, “Where?”  Do not ask just follow!

Very soon after more losses, wordlessly swallow,

So many words unnecessary silently obeying,

Like, pack of wolves prowling in secret, praying.



Sleepless night spent just listening, watching,

Al, squad leader, next hole, quietly snoring

Eerie long footsteps heard just below me,

Pulled pin on grenade, let fly, so sorry!



Sent 2 heathen to hell, of course, I am certain.

Father forgive me!  But this Bamboo Curtain

Does separate all that with soul will go

Heaven above or hell below!



At that time, did not care, meant nothing to me.

TV at home or banana under a coconut tree

Two enemy meant to kill but I came in first!

Enemy, sure, and without Christ cursed!



Are we guiltless then, living on so abundantly?

Caring not that men are dying endlessly!

My God help me to go, give or pray

In obedience to your dying living way!



Did not Jesus die to save souls from hell?

Killing mission so far from go and tell!

Dear God, forgive!  This is what matters most!

Do I deserve Heaven with the Spirit-led host?



None deserve, Salvation is free to all!

We must seek, accept provision on Him call!

On the name Jesus.  Died to make us free!

Now and forever, yes, eternally!



the Sam hath spoke!  04.13.12

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