Did Jesus have enemies?

Oh, yes!  They crucified Him!

Then there is David, did he escape

Those Psalms he wrote are filled…


Jesus suffered with no reprisal!

Matter-of-fact on that cross

“Father forgive them!  They know not…

That for this they suffer loss!”



Indeed David did return

His warring spirit proclaimed

Return of evil enemies had done

Retribution claimed!



So impossible to follow the

Example Jesus had set!

David had real enemies, so

Must he then forget–



Raids by the savages,

That unbelieving horde?

What about our country then

With David in accord?



How about our enemies,

This country called to battle?

Can one love and still destroy?

Testimony a mere rattle!



If conscientious the objection,

Did not our country leave

Consideration to the individual?

Those who cannot believe–



That man killing man can conceivably be

The Christian thing to do

And then conscientiously object!

To your conscience be true!



Both sides consideration deserve!

My side, just no hate involved!

But for love of my country!

Problem not quite solved!



Just halfheartedly in the combat zone

No hate at all for enemy!

Then as Chaplin’s fruition in fact

In joyous service free!



Cpl. S.H.C. that’s me!

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