Maybe a death wish, could not careless, do not know!

Could be just plain crazy, as I went below

Our well concealed hide-out, bushes and trees,

To a trail below, plain view of enemies.



Well, I waved that grenade, wanted them to see.

Sure, seemed back then the right thing to me.

Just knew where they hid, that gully down there,

But they could see me!  Did not see fair!



Of course, I like planted it!  Thin wire cross trail!

Still quite confident my plan would not fail!

But relieved when finished, hastened back up!

Could squad leader tell I was one scared pup?



I sat on my tree root, settled back and sighed,

Well aware this just one more time I could of died!

Still feeling there was this death bid on me!

In plainest view the root of that tree!



Knew they could see me, squad leader confident

That we would both survive, that I was not hell-bent.

That what I had planned would work out for all!

Course he felt safe in his deep hole and all.



Certain felt safe in that deep hole he had dug!

Snug as a proverbial bug in a rug!



How could I forget that way back in World War II?

What a life!  Of all the crazy things to do,

This was the craziest!  And how did I know

That God was protecting?  And I had live to show–



People back home that God’s way is best!

That this poor sinner survived that war-test!

Then from east to far-west, many churches heard my song

Of His tender care!  He led all along!



Sure, I left some out,

Wanna hear more, just ask The Sam




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