Took me through streets and alleys

Of a city dying or dead!

I am never hungry in dreams I dream,

So I cared not for coffee or bread!



So I wandered into some strange place

Thinking to like a quick one

It was occupied,  you might just know!

Oh well, I will rest at home.



Did I ever get there in that dream?

No!  Wandered through the city!

One bum I spied leaning against a pillar

Hung over, not to pretty!



No traffic or people anywhere,

Undaunted, sure, I just poked around.

Streets, alleys plum bare, looked run over

Eerie, not even a sound!



What else, I woke up, like, 3:00 in the a.m.!

Just, like, not sleepy no more.

Got up!  Ate stale bread with java

The breakfast to adore!



It is okay, I am not a complainer,

Remembering combat time ago

Coffee and bullion for 6 non-stop months

At 135 pounds, a no-show.



Fighting First Scout, I led patrol

Through Negros Island, so fair!

I am real old now, sure, the only one left!

To tell what went on over there!



To say Sam was protected,  redundant!

Not even a scratch to boast!

God saved me for later, the preaching tour

From nearly coast-to-coast!



Happy now just resting in Jesus!

Sure, Him I crave to see!

Fall flat, weep, no unbending knee!

His wounds, wounds for me!



Saved, delivered, reunion in Heaven!



S.H.C. that’s me!

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