Sure, the trail was rugged and quite steep!

Mountain high loomed to my right!

The river was swift there below me!

Foothills one awesome sight!



It was then I noticed the crocodile,

Man-eaters, yes, for sure!

Alligators, on the other hand, are

More particular.



Fish their main diet, man respected (?)

This crock’s mouth open wide

I started to run but in front of me

Black panther begged for a ride!



Of course, fictitious difference so clear

Sometimes though hard to believe.

Panthers never beg for a ride

Either attack or they leave!



Truth, sure, India has plenty of both

And the mountains high have enough

Of tigers, leopards, panthers, so wild!

To pray, ‘God protect’ is no bluff!



Up high from Darjeeling, our boarding school

Sure, like, 6,000 feet up there!

We were much higher, horseback, of course,

At 10,000, mountains looked bare.



Then fast descent, foothills below.

Still up there, like, 7,000 feet,

Just guess-work in numbers in height

Air so clear, clean, complete!



Our teacher, Anglo-Indian birthright,

Got permission from our folk

To take us during Christmas vacation

Visit rare as to invoke–



Some native culture with British,

The mix not to be forgotten, the trip.

I was just six, big brother, Bill

Center of attention, a slip–



Of manners invoked laughter from all

My embarrassment complete.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill,” and of course, I am Jill

Death might have been replete!



A dress with pink panty’s, my get-up over all

All with everything

Like, fall off ladder, sure, Jill came tumbling

No joy or reason to sing!



Teacher making things worse, “This little girl

Is embarrassed,” drying a tear.

But made it all right back at the school

She sat between us, so near.



 Once in her room, “I am sorry!”  She said!

How could we not forgive?

Then back to teaching, no favorites,

Teachers, also must live!



Thought you might enjoy some India missionary kids culture!



the Sam 04.03.12


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