Grew up in India since 6 months of age!

Urdu  –  Hindi  –  Maruti

Came natural to this Missionary son

As natural as English to me!



British possession until India requited

Independence years ago!

It was granted most amicably

But she had no place to go!



Their Karma, a self-created destiny

With Suttee controlling growth

Their, like, billions but with so many dying

Of predictions we are loath.



The village life, I think, India’s’ sole hope

Tilling the soil!  Sure, it is there,

Beggars pure filling all the cities streets

Way more than anywhere!



Thieves infesting, sure, prisons are full.

Deaths?  Many hundreds each day!

Nothing to do but beg, nowhere to go!

But for next transmigration, pray.



Hundreds of deity’s with new ones each day!

The superstitions pervade!

Gods a plenty and most of them vile!

The fatalistic way!



But when Christ is accepted, surprised by joy!

Jesus the only way!

Conditioned as they are to fatalities!

New life abounds!   A new day!



Deep thinkers they, fatalism natural!

With population excessive!

Perfect joy it is to find the new way!

Of Jesus’ love!  Progressive…



Sure, the Sam  04.04.12

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