Screams of frustration we all heard from below!

Just a Japanese officer frustrated, we all know!

“Stupid oafs!  They goofed!”  Course we know what he said!

“Crummy farmers, should have left them in bed!”



Sure, I had studied it right, as out in plain view,

I waved that grenade, sure, they had know what to do!

To deactivate that simplest of booby traps!

But I stayed wide awake, just in case, perhaps.



When directly under I plainly tossed another!

Sure, a double explosion, loud?  Oh, brother!

Sounded like all awoke!  Back to sleep again!

Heard some smart aleck sounded off,  “It is just Sam!”



Sweet peace!  Hospital  Sendai,  Japan!

Chaplin felt I needed some r&r, sure, I can

Handle that!  Japanese nurses just the very best!

All understood, a whole lot of rest!



Assisting the Chaplin, sure he soon found out

That I truly believed God’s Word and without

All that fall-der-all of translators’ mistakes!

Started my Bible classes with, “Give me a break…”



Explain away miracles, I said, “Look at me!

The fiercest of combat!  Look!  I am still alive!”

Proclaimed a few miracles, saved to strive!



Against apostate ministers all explaining away

Past called modernists, sure, still today!

Thought they might learn from miracles observed!

But act as though they had never ever heard!



Explained so often many times, what more to say?

Will they ever learn?  Or just walk away?



Does God ever tire of convicting?



the tired Sam  03.29.12

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