Recipients we are of everlasting life,

Meaning we will live forever!

As God’s children, we suffer with Adam,

Life cut short to an hour.



This life of clay, sure not everlasting!

Our years shortened by sin!

Adam’s and, of course, our sins also,

“Wages of sin…”  Cut it thin!



Our God is so kind, punishment does not seem, like, at all!

Morality, sure, it is our chastisement.  Attributive Adam’s fall!

As Adam’s offspring, we do likewise and we suffer pangs of death!

Sickness added, sins of the flesh, and old age shortness of breath!



Defeatist attitude?  No, defeated truly

But our loving God loves still!

And this love from eternal to everlasting.

Everlastingly He will!



And He does forgive!  We must recognize!

His dying love says it all!

“Wages of sin is death…”  But annulled!

Through Christ’s death applying!



He, in His love, claimed our punishment!  our sins, His total loss!

So deliberate, so real, He cried, “My God!  You have forsaken Me!”

Then  “Into Thy Hands, I give Myself.”  Through death, new life we are free!

Life in Heaven, Eternal, of course, will not worry how long it will be!

Living with God in foreverness, just have to wait and see!



Our God is not confined by time or space!

Orbs out there, are real!

Livable, of course, sure habitable!

Spirits live on and can feel!



“I go to prepare a place for you…”

Will time have a limit?

Neither does space!  Endless, of course!

As we who will live in it!



Heavens above, our places preparing

No blank boundaries at all!

No end at all to everlasting life!

And space, it is there on call!



I do not suppose that the God of heaven

As timeless as He!

Can ever be limited, at all!

Meaning of Eternity!



the Sam  03.28.12

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