My dreams may, like, happen but never come true!

Become, no matter how real seeming a few!

Development but not as Daniel’s became

Or a Joseph, thrown in a pit!  For shame!



Brothers feared those dreams may come true,

Sure, hated his guts, “I will rule over you!”

Strange, it may seem, those dreams did develop!

As a mean letter from a common envelop.



As those dreams did really happen that way!

In Joseph’s life, what more can we say?

Reads like a novel, Slavery and Imprisonment!

God had His way, we see Joseph as sent!



Ruled over the land during famine time!

Evil brothers driven, changed, near sublime.

Hey!  Read the strange story!  Thrill to the end,

Joseph with family reunited!  Contend!



Not pretend, all true!  Great men in the past

Have sworn by it and ‘on it’, truths that last!

And will last forever!  Washington’s claim!

May its truth continue ever the same!



“In God we trust,” as our money speaks out

Against itself, so without ever a doubt

As legal tender for change of necessities!

And not for power propensities.



The bent to hoard, amassing in greed

It is for the love of money, the very seed

“The root of all evil…” I must possess!

Cause of all conflicts, confess–



To the simplicity of truths learned in God’s Word

Basis for centuries that still under-grid

The seekers of truth as God is over all!

Not seekers of wealth inducing the fall

Of so many to a life of crime!



Did not Jesus promise, “I will never leave you?”



the Sam  03.27.12

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