Has a healthy respect for hand-grenades,

Sure, I knew what one could do!

Truth is, I survived 3 grenade blasts

Just a foot away, it is true!



A slight knoll separated me from him,

The enemy what am,

Cowardly me, I just threw a grenade,

Then one came back at old Sam!



Two can play, long as grenades last.  As it came, I slid back

But got hung up by a small tree, exploded but a foot from me!

Had, like, made myself small, hands on helmet, so near – went off!

Explosion sure picked me clear up!  Consider, no time to scoff!



I crawled up to that knoll again and tossed another grenade.

Guess what?  Another came back at me, course it is why they are made!

Then I saw Rocky behind that bush there.  Did I say, “Hated me, like, sin?”

“Got a grenade?”  I asked him real nice.  “Tossed my own,” said with a grin!



“From where you are it will hit that tree limb,” I warned, but he tossed it anyway!

It did, sure it came sailing back at me!  What is  left to say?

Sure, slithered back same tree-ling again.  Covered up, guess what?  It went boom!

How many booms can a soldier survive?  Was I boasting too soon?



Remember this, when your friends are enemies

Just hard to keep a kicking

And when the real ones do surround

Bound to take a licking.



But I survived, sure God’s protection!

It is the best, a sure thing!

If not a believer, do not count on it

Just a doubting ding-a-ling!



So many close calls, the guys began

Calling me, Sky Pilot and Rev!

Not reverend could be uncertainty

Presuming a doubt of me.



Though a new respect I could now sense,

Strange how combat seems to draw

Thoughts of many upward revealing

Connection in the raw!



Thoughts flow to the cross, thieves on either side

Of  The Perfect One.

One kept cursing but the other repentant!

Pleads with the crucified Son!



Remember me!



The Sam  03.26.12

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