You need food, you have it,

Three times everyday.

And as though that is not enough,

Scarf along the way.



Breath we have aplenty plus

Snoring near every night.

Consider many having trouble who

Really have to fight–



For their next breath, aid needed,

Oxygen tanks besides.

Needing air for the very next

Just to keep alive!



Sleep do we ever get enough?

Many need assistance.

Sure, countless sleeping aids to be found

Drug stores and upper shelves!



Activity a walk or a run

Many there are who cannot!

Such activities suspended!

Figure meaning of pant!



Think most of us never do stop

Even in sleep, the dreams,

Contingencies with uncertainties

Diverse though it seems!



Is death the cessation of thought?

Never!  Spirit lives on!

Hell especially a continuation of

Thoughts, no rest upon.



Cradle of death that lives on

In Heaven though there is

“A sea of forgetfulness” where

Ever new life persists!



New thoughts there developing in

New life of delight!

The ability to fuse as one that

Fair place as light!



Just Sam

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