Love not the world nor what is in it.

If love is for the world,

Love of the Father not within you!

Loving sin unfurled.



Unfurled complete this world in sin

Near everything you see!

Leads downward ever far from God!

The theater marquee–



Contributive to lust, the flesh,

The drawing power is there!

Sure, some exceptions but very few!

Rain God gives, sunshine fair!



Happy the smiles, small children at play!

Sweet innocence, what we see!

“Jesus loves the little children”

Free from sin, so free!



If we could stay that way, but no

Sinful Satanic the rule,

Change of heart recommends itself!

This we do not learn at school!



Spiritual churches leading the way!

Not complicated at all!

Christ and the cross served in love!

Some still learning the crawl!



Determining, do not always do it!

God is abiding from up above,

Sure, it is a  foretaste absolute!

In His presence there is love!



Loving Him, how can we help but?

He is our truest Friend!

He is if by faith acknowledge His

Keeping to the end!



End of time but beginning of

Everlasting presence,

He who made you, loving what He made!

Creator’s very essence!



Do you believe it?  Sure, faith required!

Doubting in dismay

Cry for God’s help, if in doubting,

Sure, not the way to pray!



If “without ceasing,” now can sin

Ever, ever prevail?

Keeping, abiding in His love

His love will never fail!



the Sam   03.20.12

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