Temptation to the pride thing

That is what it is all about!

We think we make that bell ring

And that is  why people shout!



I waved that grenade in full view

Of the enemy down there

Behind those trees, sure, they watched!

As I planted it with care!



Booby trap, sure, the booby, me,

Did the squad leader know

What this fool was up to there?

If he did, did not show!



He handed me the stuff I needed!

The string, everything.

Then that extra hand-grenade

Sure, I the ding-a-ling!



Who never carried anything!

Squad Leader seemed to have it all!

All this he seemed to do gladly

Did he want me to fall!



 Aware I was called to The Service,

Like, told him all one night!

Service of the “King of Kings”

After this stupid fight–



And that is why I heard Padre,

Sky Pilot, and Preach the next day

After my plant had succeeded!

And we were well on our way–



To next area of combat

Climbing up that hill

Sure, we had to keep staggering up

To make another kill!



Is not that what we do in combat?

The Major orders, “Go!”

Orders are orders, sure, we obey!

While he orders below!



My King Jesus leads upward!

His orders flow,

Compelling, inducing always

So I know where to go!



the Sam  03.19.12

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