My Guardian Angel has no need of wings.

Spirit, He has been guarding me well!

In combat, Philippines, took care of me there!

Escapades?  Too many to tell!



Just hard to believe as I remember it

At that time, did not much care!

Confidence (?) or maybe plain stupidity

Like, presenting myself to them there!



Waving a grenade in the plainest view

On a path below our platoon,

Platoon well hidden by thick brush and trees

“Just Sam, expecting something soon!”



Not too smart it was by some folk thinking

Enemies cave plain view below,

But why did Squad leader seem confident

In what I thought I had to show!



Handed me grenade that I waved to enemy below

Planted it then in plain view

Strung trip wire across the path there

All this they saw me do!



I am thinking,  they are thinking, “Grenade, we must have!

Toss it up there, kill some G.I.’s”

Subterfuge while, like, surmising their thoughts.

Conscious of there is a surprise.



It happened!  Of course, I stayed awake!

Then I heard, sounded, like, two.

Enemy quietly approaching to procure

Grenade, toss it up, kill a few!



Desperate measures!  Sure, I knew they were!

That is why I sleepless stayed,

Heard them, tossed it!  Both grenades went off!

Do not think I had not prayed!



Camp awoke then someone said, “It is just Sam!”

I heard it then, like, someone dragging

Someone else and a screaming voice below,

Sound of frustration.  No, I am not bragging!



Sleepless, I knew they had see and hear it!

Much shooting exchanged on the morn.

They had used all their amo, we had plenty.

Prisoners, sometime later! (*)  No a bit forlorn!



(*) They were so glad it was over, so were we!



Sam Cox, reminiscently  05.06.11

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