Quintillion has a lot of zeros

Bit higher that I can count!

Ever attempt to count the stars?

The planets just mount and mount!



Why even try?  Just take the time

Soon you will see but a blur!

That is just half the sky, other half

Will blow your mind, for sure!



Then way beyond that blur of lights

Foreverness!  Forget it!

Foreverness, forget any end!

Contemplate then dig it!



God always was!  The Eternal One!

His universe filled with planets

Like, He knows how many are occupied,

Some with no one to man it!



But Angels speed from one to another

Course I have seen them, light and bright!

They check out creatures fair like us.

Some purple, some green, all bright!



All are believers!  Loving our Lord!

Earth the only fallen one,

Our earth destroyed once the end arrives

Planet – forgotten – done!



Heaven remains a few not destroyed

Some planets, huge, retained,

Reserved for millions gathered there

Those by sin not stained, forgiven.



My imagination just running wild

From time of Adam to the now.

Cannot count the saints from Adam’s time

Heavens are full,  we allow…



Few more reserved for a Devil’s hell.

What have we done to bring

Lost ones to Christ?  Who have not heard?

Give them a song to sing?



Sam Cox  05.04.11

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