That cooing dove, that humming bird,

Variety  God’s claim!

Life in the sea, near a million species,

Thousand that have no name!



Variety the spice of God’s life!

Thought He just cared for big!

Big trees, planets big this world?

So endless!  The mind cannot dig!



This little planet, smallest of all,

Just right for us little folk!

Will not try to dazzle with words beyond,

Way beyond my mind to evoke.



I care to ply within comprehension

Understandable that is the thing!

God forbid that I should glory to

Formidable words, I do not cling!



God speaks to us understandably

So clearly, so precise!

His thoughts penetrate in any language!

Unmistakably  concise!



Cannot our minds reach an understanding to

Know what is right and wrong?

Surely can and to deviate

One can lose his song!



My song is praise to God everyday!

For you see, He is in my heart!

How can this be?  So glad that you asked,

He is everywhere!  Like, a la carte.



He is in your life, if you want Him there.

You may ask, “How can this be?”

He is everywhere!  As Spirit, you know,

And I am glad He lives in me!



Of course nothing short of miraculous!

Well, just now do you suppose

He fashioned this vast universe?

Just God!  I propose!



He is The Alpha and The Omega!

The Beginning and the End!

Though there is no end!  “Everlasting life!”

With or without God to spend!



Do you love Him?  How can you not?

Made you what you are!

And can remake you by His shed blood

Believe it?  See that star?



I am flabbergasted by what He has done!



Old Sam  05.02.11

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