I prayed for a glimpse of Heaven last night

Just the faintest sensation came.

Saw no pearly gates, little enough to

Awakened, feeling little change!



As before I had asked for a glimpse, that is all I got!

Just enough to renew

That intense longing that will stay!

At 93 what else to do?



Sure, no substantial memories remain

Of loved ones, long-long ago.

No feelings of any energy spent

Or thoughts that I can show!



But that sense of well being persists

Like bright Angels hovering near!

No, I did not see them around

Just feelings, not to appear!



But very real that sense contained

Like glimpses never had before.

Feelings never quite, felt until then,

Like, final arrival at shore.



Also, like accomplished at last!

Final!  The race is won!

Sure, I have won many races, times past

But this when day is done.



One race remembered, basic training

Our Sarge had never lost before!

I beat him, like, lunging over the line

I felt sorry for him!  No score!



Intensity!  Sure determination

I had never lost, but this

It was determination that won it

I won it but surely no bliss!



Accomplishment but no joy to recall!

Like, get this over with now!

93 years sure, the end is near!

What more to allow?



As I can see it, the final race

Has naught to do with well being

But total dependence on Jesus Christ!

Helpless in self!  The last feeling!



No more!



the Sam  03.15.12

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