Six months and running, leading patrol,

You know, the big one W. W. II.

Squad of 12 whittled down to four!

Often!  What is a scout to do?



No more replacements available

Eventually came the word!

Six and then four, we just kept going…

Then nothing more was heard.



Now what do we do?   Some idiot asked,

Think he knew the answer?

Four of us left!  And do you know

No one died of cancer!



Soon one was helped down by two others,

A bleeding foot, his story!

Grinning happily, barely whispered

“Going home,” not to worry!



He was a scout, sure, I was elected,

Scouts take hits do not last long!

So half-a-year I did the leading

Did God keep me along?



You know the answer, I was kept!

Nothing special about me,

Praying, back home did it!  Of course!

If not, where would I be?



Rot by a trail, islands, back there

Philippine Islands, that is.

Negros, in fact, but what does that matter?

Sure, God had me, I was His!



Makes a difference, of course, it was prayer!

What else could it be?

A dime a dozen we all got to die!

Why He protected me?



Who can tell, I am no better than

Anyone else around.

God’s people prayed!  Sure, that’s the answer!

None other to be found!



Consider well,  prayer changes things!

Life of prayer is the key.

Do your homework, what else matters?

Prayer unceasing kept me!



Now with a wife, truly dedicated,

I am ninety-three, as she knows.

I will be leaving so very soon!

And where I am going, she goes!



the Sam  03.14.12

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