The Old Testament days of sacrifice,

Animals killed, given

Just one to me means everything

Christ’s sacrifice riven!



Split up there on that cross of shame,

Horrific the agony!

Hanging by nails!  Just who could invent

Such horror sadistically?



“Wages of sin is death!”  We know

But torture only shows me the

Nature of that torturer,

Dangling on a cross tree!



No pity there, except from two,

Mercy from that crowd?

What could have possessed them, hating so?

Sure, the devil allowed!



Satanic hatred there covered

Soliciting those few,

Inquisitive crowd that induced

A multitude that grew!



Sure, a multitude collected there!

Forgetful of the good.

Five-thousand fed!  Sins forgiven.

As only a crowd could!



This forgetting traditionally

Led the masses who

Just could not resist following as

The masses do!



But taking the time to be holy just

Like twelve out of thousands

Then following in His footsteps

Then left Him at soundings–



Of trouble then filtering through the crowds

Disciples soon commence

Finding other like means of livelihood

For their own defense.



Then we do as other followers do:

And the crowd we follow,

The masses rule, sure majority

Then with swine we wallow!



Now, let me thank God for a family

Obedient to the true

Following Jesus, all the way

As many families do!



Of course, the Sam  03.13.12

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