For love is of God and

He who does not love

Does not know God!  For

God is purest love!



Lust can only give pleasure to

Only One, the self.

When it is done, it is done!

Back on the shelf!



Can not be compromised!

It worketh no ill!

To neighbor to anyone!

It is self-giving still!



“Boasts not of self is not puffed up”

Hated all that is evil!

And only the truth can satisfy!

It is not from the Devil!



Now abideth, faith, hope, love,

Greatest of these is love!

Sure, faith, hope are forever!

But love rated above.



What brought Jesus down to earth?

What nailed Him to that cross?

What sent Him there that we need never

Ever suffer loss!



Christ alone could die for sins,

He sinless, your sins, too!

Purest love sent Him here to die!

What more could Jesus do?



A whole lot more, how to give

Unselfishly all His life!

Teaching all how we should live.

Freed from hate, the strife!



Sure, now we live by faith and hope

But what comes from above?

What sent our Savior to that cross?

Just love, purest love!



The Sam  03.11.12

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