Did Christ give a tenth?  Yes!  And far more!

Gave His life on a cross!

Sure, gave all!  And that is why He came,

Agonized, suffering, loss!



Loss of life, dignity, credulity, all!

A criminal’s death He,

He became sin!  Took ours on Himself!

Bore all!  For you and for me!



How to declare this the God we worship,

Dangling!  Not electric chair!

Not that easy, pull switch and it is over.

This hours of suffering, there!



Physical torture, oh my God!  Why?

“Why hast Thou forsaken me?”

God’s Son, yet it was God up there!

Not exalted, that cross tree.



Criminals both sides but then one

Converted?  “Remember me…”

“This day…in Paradise”  Hear that shout

His death, then forever free!



All one needs, make that pitiful cry

Of course, with confession of sins.

He is “faithful and just” and will forgive!

Heaven, sure!  Come in!



Joy!  Evermore.  Where Glory excels.

No headaches, broken hearts, pure joy!

How to declare the feeling, no words.

Where God’s Angels deploy!



Deploy to gladden!  Not confuse.

No pity ever needed up there!

Activity?  Sure!  To gladden the soul.

Difference?  Who can compare!



Black against white.  Night to day!

Good, can evil destroy!

But Jesus died to make it right!

Angels from Heaven, convoy!



So gradual the ascent, Nebraska on West,

Rocky Mountains, so grand, once there.

On my way up, as my years count down!

So then will Heaven compare?



Compare Heaven, incomparable!

What more can one learn at 93?



the Sam  03.08.12

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