Do you know that He who never knew sin

Took it on and became

Every sinners substitution, when He died?

On a criminal cross, His name–



Jesus The Christ, and what is in a name?

This name, “God with us!”

That God became a man, indeed a baby!

Now to explain the plus.



No explanation possible!  No one can!

Explain the way of One

Who created, made, formed all that is!

And now?   No not done!



‘I’ go to prepare a place still in making

And creating worlds!

Another Bible to be name in Heaven

As His plan unfolds.



Delight in God!  His inexplicable ways!

How can any ever fathom

Or even come close to understanding His

plan?  And then there is the atom.



So tiny but a thundering bomb to destroy

All living, all everything!

But nothing can top, come near, what God can do.

Make a place where songs will sing!



Never ending song with the Angels on high,

The melody so joyful!

In a place where living never dies!

Or song sighs soulful.



Continuing throughout Eternal days

But only the redeemed!

Everlastingly to  exalt in praise!

Once doomed!  Then Christ’s Blood cleaned!



Imperfect poem, when perfection reigns

All will be brighter, clearer!

When fools like me ascend from the plains!

To Heaven where God is nearer!



Heaven’s joys, now to elucidate,

Come close, but out of terms.

Thoughts transcend but still higher and more

The depth, the height affirms,


Better and more!



the Sam 03.06.12

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