Paratrooper’s combat pay, near twice that of regular,

‘Loaded’ upon discharge, I rejoiced in the secular!

Then one night’s sleep in a YMCA, all savings stolen!

Nothing left but what I had kept in wallet I slept upon!



What wise man said, a fool and his money are soon parted?

Unwisely I projected that fool, suffered as it departed!

Then I considered placing trust in God the supplier,

Every need!  And then some.  So my heart no longer cries–



For money.  That wealth that perishith my Provider

Supplies!  As He promised, “All needs” and consider

I need no more, as Father smiles and bestows freely

“Riches and Glory by Jesus Christ” I am no longer needy!



All that I need I now find in Jesus, Savior, Friend!

And He has promised to keep supply to the very end!

What end?  There is none!  Sure, life goes on forever!

In Heaven no end at all and no death to sever!



Examine greatness of my God!  Oh, He can be your God, too!

If you confess, believing what more can you do,

Believe on Jesus to redeem you!

Know this as the consummate true!



the Sam  02.29.12

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