Drove off with a car, of course, I was caught!

Youthful days way back when!

Was on my way back got arrested!

Sure, let the ugly sink in!



But those rare hills about me so grand!

How fortunate, this sinner!

Confession made with many more tears!

Turned out, could be a winner.



Arrested then used in the strangest ways,

Working a burn in the hills,

Colorful snake down the slant slid,

Found this sinner!  No frills!



It just coiled self around my arm,

Sure, instinctively I knew

No harm would come!  Was if of God?

I believe this surely true!



No fear at all, compassion I felt!

As I turned to the guy behind

“See my new pet,” not intended to scare.

“Kill that thing!”  Not too kind!



“King snake, kills rattlers,” I said.

“No!  Just get it away!”

He knew his friends but not snakes!

But a King, what could I say?



How did I know?  Had never before seen,

Was God assuring this child?

Yes, a King, sure how should I know?

Harmless and not defiled!



Were God and I, like, speaking again?

I heard, “Did I ever quit?”

“I spoke to you often!  But did you listen?”

I had drifted away, bit by bit!



I like toyed with the snake, finally quit!

Raised for the boss to show

Then pointed up to the grassy ridge

Nodding, he let me go!



Up that sliding hill to the grass put

My arm there, snake slithered down

Seemed glad to wriggle off and then what?

Turned his head to say ‘thank you.’ (*)

Sure!  And I am that clown said,

“You are welcome little guy!”

With a tear in my eye!



So did ‘Balaam’ yell at his donkey?

Did not donkey talk back?  Numbers 22:24-34



(*) I actually did!



Sam, I am   02.27.12

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