Scintillating stars, way out there

Reflecting the shining, ever so rare!

Many are suns, their own galaxy,

Voluminous!  No, endless cannot see–



But a small part, do I exaggerate?

Sheer endlessness of orbs out there!

What Heavens above and beyond, declare!



Heavens above, small, what I see

A  very small part, sure Eternity,

Considers forever and endless, true!

By day consider the perfect blue!



Tiny fraction of what our eyes behold,

Galaxies of stars, of course, I am bold

To even think of counting countless!

Could God ever think to stop with Foreverness?



Exaggerate to explore endlessness?

Consume everlasting?  Hopelessness!

Of trying!  Give it up!  Cannot you see?

That it goes on and on endlessly!



I am thinking, my God just cannot wait to show

What Angels above already know,

To reveal the depths of God’s endlessness!

Yes, He loves us!  Cannot wait our spirits to bless!



Not to fear any part of this endlessness!

What God condones, it is His joy to bless!

Beyond any limits of speculation

His love carries us to exaltation.



Sure, I am aware.  Part of beauty we observe

God did not toss an imperfect curve.

We will recognize each other, I know!

Beauty will glow as never below!



Contemplating all this is A finite mind!

Yes, I turn it all over.  God is SUPER kind!

Do not you know, His love goes beyond all thought?

Just a hint, it is what Calvary bought!



By faith I took!



the Sam 03.01.12

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