All paratroopers dreaded getting shot

While drifting down!

So in World War 2, low drop brought

An even bigger frown!



First one.  I just lay there trying

To find my breath!

No limbs broken, but I hurt

Like near to death!



I staggered to a friendly home,

They drove me back to base

We lost some in that 250 drop!

Not a happy case.



Sure, this was a practice not the actual!

Area:  Alabama!

And the 2nd landing, just as bad!

Just who is left as bury-ier!



The whole thing in those para-jumps

Was so negative,

Our troops did the barge landing

More loss, but take or give.



More humane in the sounding there,

Just a few of the tougher

Guys did actually volunteer to do

The night jump and suffer!



Certain, I am one of those,

Believe I played, like, sick.

So I avoided the suicide!

Of course:  a bad trick!



Among the few left living today

I am ninety-three!

And with an honorable discharge

From United States Army!



War is not Heaven!  No fighting there,

Loving God and each other!

Not even a family squabble up there,

With sister and brother.



Face it, this is the home of suffering!

Quite enough for this boy!

How can we ever imagine Heaven?

Where all is peace and joy!



Impossible to even consider!

Heaven’s happiness!

No hideous wars or tragedy!

Only Godly bliss!



the Sam hath spoke!  02.21.12

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