Has to be super-intelligence

In the Heavenlies!

Limitless stars in our universe,

Not even counting bees!



We asked loving mother, who cares

For us, even more than her life,

Discontent starts many a war!

Sure, we like a good fight!



With quintillions of stars in our galaxy,

Small part of our universe,

Beside which I am not even a speck!

Then what is that germ to me?



Small and smaller; then big and bigger

Just a part of what He can do!

He has a purpose for every star!

And planet, of course, it is there, too.



No galaxy is an accident!

Of course, so many more!

Computers cannot count up that high!

With satellites galore!



Frightening is not it!  Oh sure, there is much more!

Consider limitless!

Eternal, that is always and forever!

Past understanding confess!



So delight in Him, who knows everything!

Who always was and ever will be!

We are also everlasting a

Small part of Eternity!



Eternity means always was!

And He can do anything!

As pre-existent, how can He not

Make this sad heart sing!



Happily, The Sam  02.20.12

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