As I led through that jungle in the islands back then,

It was every bit real!  There was no pretense!

Disturbing to think!  Sure, all thoughts were disturbed!

When machine-gun fire took one of my herd!



Emptiness, easy to say at ninety-three,

All has been said.  So what is left for me?

Sure, repetition of the most important,

High on the scale of, and not my, deportment.



What is left to say?  Has not all been said?

Why do I not just remain near my bed?

Reiterate  some already been written.

A thousand times, repetition smitten.



Come with me to a rock-pile where long ago.

Could be there is something there we should know

Representing every person who ever lived.

Quintillion and then some.  Sifted through that sieve.



Sitting on that rock-pile, Boys Club and I

Sure snakes hiding there.  It is just do or die!

Or bears near by, way out in the sticks

Idiotic course!  Consider this fix.



I was trusted not just a chaperon,

Sure, like a king on a golden throne!

Dictating policy repetitious through years

Thinking of Jesus shedding those tears.



Over that city, “Oh Jerusalem,

But you not!  No, you would not come!”

Sure much intensity!  Reiterating past!

As Jesus wept and the dye was cast!



Did I weep?  Sure, I am but a man.

Marking time, of course, doing what I can.

Did I pray for those kids?  Yes, remember,

Did Santa Claus worry, nearing December?



Did I accomplish what I intended?

Or just a pretense.  Oh, God help if pretended!

Was my intent clear caring for them?

Those boys (men) still living?  Not to condemn!



“Vanity of vanities,” is it all I can see?

Or does it all count for eternity?

Is my record clear sure I have outlived all!

I will answer to God!  He remembers the call!



What will it matter?  Sure  everything!

Did I not care for them like some King?

What will my answer be?  Will my tears count?

Reward or punish?  I will cling to the Fount!



Jesus shares and He cares!



Lowly Sam, Just one of the herd!

God bless!  02.16.12

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