My memories regress endless,

Wild man, must confess!

Mean at times, regretfully,

Liking self much less!



With my father by that lake

“Shoot that log,” the dare!

Yes, I hit it!  It was just that

Crocodile down there!



Father died!  I was just seven then

Settled in Michigan.

Sure, I learned there to hate work

No, shenanigans.



Devil took me for a ride

Sure, I learned how to hate!

Then army taught, sent me Philippines,

Quite another date!



With death, sure suicidal!

Tempted death for sure!

But God did not want me yet!

He just took the pure!



And those He chose to win

With potential there

Voice and the preaching task.

I sang everywhere!



Then old age made its bid!

This could God forget?

All the bad stuff, well, not good!

Am I ready yet?



Writing poems everyday, sure voluminous!

Cannot win any races now, but then, what is the fuss?

Race I have run, I am ready!  Dear God, take me home!

More poetry help me write.  Then do not leave me alone!



Signaling, so hard to read!  Sure, can see it now,

Write!  for the end is coming.  I will not more allow!

When death approaches and senility  shows

Its signs of deterioration, my God, in love, knows–



Time has come to anchor in!

All propellers cease!

Engines die!  All posts are clear,

May she rest in peace!



Ha!  Say no more, life now begins!

Ever lastingly!

In the forever Heavenlies

Where by Grace, I will be!



The Sam, Eternally!

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