The sky I look up, such a perfect blue!

No clouds around to disrupt the view!

Though the rain we had still damps the ground,

Grass, the bushes, wet all around!



Still falls on everyone, yes, the unjust, too!

“No respecter of persons He,” whatever we do!

Is that fair?  Consider these wise words

He gives, He takes away!  Blessed is The Lord!



So why do men then turn, times of tragedy?

To our loving God, from their misery?

The understanding that God is truly love!

That all that is truly good, comes from above!



Does all things well!  He does not fail,

Through good and the bad, good will prevail!

“All things are working together for good

To those who love God…”  As we should!



Without verbal preachment in that biggest war,

Men dubbed me, ‘Sky-pilot,’ ‘Padre,’ and more.

‘Reverend,’ oh and ‘Preach’ though I had not said a word!

Change I took, well, you have never heard!



They thought, this guy’s protected.  Must be from God!

Though God never mentioned, they could afford

To think, sure they saw chances I took,

Know they could see me there on the  r o o t–



Of that tree!  I could see them clearly as day.

I planted that grenade, where no one could say,

Did not see me, like, wave it in the air

As though to say, come and get it!  Right there!



Of course I stayed awake on that tree root!

Wanted that grenade to explode, to boot!

Heard them, tossed it, explosion, slam, bang!

Someone down the line, I heard, “Oh, it is just, Sam!”



So I tell my war stories, as David of old,

Won over heathen,  I too make bold

To say that war was holy!  Against Shinto and self

So we fought to stay off of Shinto’s shelf!



the fighting Sam  02-08-12

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