Dent that rock, sure, I may try!

Hammer and club away,

Watch sparks fly!  But make a dent?

Never!  Any day!



Consider then heart of stone

Removed by tyranny

Harder that stone!  Nor in the eye

Ever a tear I see!



Then comes a conviction of Truth!

Penetrates opens wide!

Man on a cross for others, hangs!

Spikes holding!  See bleeding side!



This man’s heart hard!  Seen many die!

Some He had struck down, too!

But now this One, high on this cross

What is a man to do!



Then conviction, powerful,

Contends to breakdown.

Watching this guiltless Man hang

He see’s a King with no crown!



Except for that thorn thing

Tilted – tilted on His brow.

Priests scoffing, of course, religiously

And did they do this, now?



As though answering a question,

Although nothing was asked!

One snidely answered, Crown for The King!

A completed task!



Decidedly!  King of my Life!

Centurion answers softly and calm!

Sad eyes alone betray true thoughts

And still, no cause for alarm!



But his heart cries out in wonderment,

Body stiff as a board!

Mind only betrays his thoughts

Truly the Son of  God!



Sure, we the world heard His voice!



the Sam (02.07.12)

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