But He was wounded for our transgressions,

Bruised for our iniquities.

Surely He bore our sorrows and

With His stripes we are healed!



It was a cross they nailed Him to

Spikes through hands and feet!

Crown on His head!  Sure of thorns!

Why?  What did He do?



Crucifixion just for criminals!

Of the very worst kind!

Robbers, killers, delighting in it!

Living only by crime!



This man’s crime?  He claims to be God!

Yes, many miracles to prove,

Raised a dead man, “Lazarus!  Come forth!”

The Pharisees would not move!



A threat to their sanctimony was He!

Their proud hypocrisy!

“Straining out gnats to swallow camels…”

Jesus’ words matched their greed!



They crucified the very Son Of God!

‘Very’ God in the flesh!

“Let Him come down from there, if He is God!”

Then they buried the dead!



“What?  Alive?  This cannot be true!”

Disciples hid Him away!

Over 500 saw Him alive!

Nothing more could they say!



What ever happened to the Pharisees?

Disciples joy knew no bounds!

“Tarried” (waited) as Christ commanded,

Christianity compounds!



A mighty Army, a force today!

Still growing in distant lands,

Reason?  Disciples, His followers,

Obedience to His command!



the Sam 02.03.12

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