“All have sinned…” and come short of

God’s original plan.

Surely, not to keep sinning,

His prohibitive ban!



For “The wages of sin is death!”

That is the reason why

Christ on that hideous cross

Went willingly to die!



His dying for our sinning

And was that Paul’s protest?

When He said, “I die daily,”  as

That is what I do best!



To die to the sinning I take no

Pleasure in, but abiding,

That sin may appear exceeding sinful.

To really hate that sinning!



The wages of sin is death!

Exactly why Christ died!

He took all our sins, it was sheer love!

Could not be denied!



Sinners other crosses cursing!

Their abject fate a-dying

For the many sins they had committed

One glanced over, sighing!



He saw in Christ, ‘One’ Perfect man

Soon recognized as God!

His heart knew that greatest heart cared!

Accepted Him as Lord!



Saying “Remember me, when You come…”

Sure, recognized sins forgiven.

Sure, recognized the forgiven to

Receive Heaven’s freedom!



the Sam

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