Sure, I fought in World War II,

Wondering about  #1.

‘Krauts,’ the only enemy then

The second, add Japan.



Fighting seemed like most everywhere!

Except the U. S. of A.!

Hawaii included.  Sure, Pearl Harbor!

Planes bombing night and day!



Islands, sure!  Not mentioned much,

The Philippines, did endure!

Yet, for 6 months straight, no let-up.

It was close fighting, for sure!



“This is not nothing!”  Old timers exclaimed

Why then squads whittled down

To 4 from 12, like, countless times?

Squad Leader and I still around!



Many who boasted about skirmishes

In the past, not likely to be,

Like Mitch, sat on a tree root staring

Ahead, Still did not see.



Though looking straight ahead at it, machine gun,

Ours?  Why pointed at me?

Ping!  Took it right between the eyes!

Oh, yes!  It was enemy!



I was just starting up to help him or

I would have picked one, too!

“Get down here, Sam!”  Lieutenant, changed my mind

So what else could I do?



So still around Sam.  Sure, do not know why!

Well, God orders, I obey!

But when He tells me, Sam, it is time!

I will sure know what to say!



“Take me home!  Sure, it has been awhile!”

Did I think I would live forever?

Sure, it is true!  In my Heavenly Home!

Troubles?  Trials?  No, never!



Yes!  His promise is true!



the Sam 01.31.12

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