“For me to live is Christ and to die is gain!”

The savagery of life, finally grows tame!

Anticipating Heaven cannot then be

Anything but joy!  I wait impatiently!



Fearful the trials assailing throughout a life insane,

Plunging, yes insanely, into a life untame!

Edged my way through blackness, a darkness one could feel!

Seeking adventure, this night blackness was real!



Felt my way to a gravestone, wind break became!

Seemed a kindred spirit beneath me the same.

Sure, I slept!  Then army!  “Pearl Harbor” induced!

Still seeking adventure, the paratroops produced!



At last the restless spirit satisfied in war!

Combat, shooting—shot at, soon did not want no more!

Discharged, honored, ‘Bronze Star’ received

With other medals all wars can conceive!



Then it was the ‘Preaching task,’ first schooling required

Met there my heartthrob,  the future I desired.

Married, then preachment, in Wesley, I assumed,

A circuit riding Preacher, 5 churches:  time consumed.



More churches, many friends from California

On to Iowa exhorting so what is left to say?

Sure, God is good!  I love Him!  My ninety-one years,

From India to Stateside, I have shed a few tears!



Speaking of adventure, Heaven says it all!

No trudging in darkness or tears there to fall!

No warfare!  Heartaches!  But adventure galore!

With my God, Savior, on that uncharted shore!



Sure there were “Badlands,” some heartaches found me!

But savoring the “Good-land, forever Country”

I won a few ring fights but God took me out.

Now I know what the real fight is all about!



Sam Cox 08.08.09

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