High in the hills

Yamagata, Japan.

Christian!  Can you believe it?

I was there!  I can!



One road up, the same road down!

Sure discourages the traffic!

Protestant mostly, A Catholic Priest I was

Acquainted with both!



Priest had been there since World War I!

So very pleasant our visit there,

Two rooms, His cottage spotless, clean!

Pleasant that hill everywhere!



Amazing little difference theologically

Soon a boy entered, bowed low,

Asking permission to take a trip,

Of course, Priest let him go.



Smiling whimsically, Priest explained

“He saw you enter, was curious,”

I doubt very much planned trip but

If I said no, he would be furious!



Respected this priest who could see both sides

Yet, not compromise the fact

Jesus crucified, buried, but up from tomb

His Deity, sure, intact!



Then Protestant family name ‘Nakada’

He only doctor for miles.

She, Daisy, educated Stateside many

Many degrees and her smile!



About 6 years later, we met again

On Lindsay,  California.

She aware of a Japanese community,

Mutual delight!  I must say!



Of course we showed her off!  Everywhere

But went alone to the Japanese.

“They still ashamed of their nation’s part

In The War to End…”  The freeze!



Only war, this boy cared foretell

To end all!  Armageddon, Rev. 16:16,

Before this, though, we will meet one another

In a better land, Heaven!






just me:  the Sam 01.24.12

(I want to be ready!)

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