God is great, God is good,

Of course, we thank Him for this food!

Do not scorn!  We know it is true and

Thank Him, as we should!



Of course, we know hot-n-tots,

Sure, and the cannibals

Had to eat human flesh, when out

Of animals.



Most farmers recognize if

Their senses are clear.

There is a God in Heaven whom

They had better fear!



Makes plants to grow and flourish!

Of if carnivorous they

May be driven to eat each other!

As nature has its way!



But nature is God, is our God, too!

Created all existing!

Man can only assemble that

Which God has made consisting–



Of nothing and then something

Greater just happens to be

Something from nothing, like man himself,

“Only God can make a tree!”



Sure man can and does assemble

What God has created.

We put it all together, but

Only God can make it!



It has all been done!  All has happened

On earth, sky and the sea!

Determination can only achieve

What already can be!



God took some nothing and made something

Of course, a tiny seed!

Consider though, the magical powers,

Giant, the redwood trees.



Sea and the fish swimming in it,

Whales, oh yes and sharks, too.

Why sharks?  Oh and poisonous snakes

Someday we will know true!



the Sam 01.23.12

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