What God has promised,  “I will never leave

You!  I will never forsake!”

“I am with you always.”  Keeps His Word!

He will never a promise break!



I complained once (?) “Lord, I am so weak!”

He said, “How old are you?

You know, I am way past 4-score and ten…

Last year I was 92!



I believe He likes my poetry.

Keep writing, like, four each week!

Make around eighty copies of each.

Distribution, that is how I preach!



So, you know, I know He cares for me!

“His rod and staff…” my consolation!

He has proved that, you know since Adam and Eve

In Him can be no frustration!



I preached small churches, some 30 years,

Like, nine or ten, many states.

Traveled a bunch, like, a 3-year man!

Plenty of grub on my plate!



Hey, no complaints from my lovely wife,

Stayed with, like, I am big 93!

So 60 some years, she never once complained!

Plus, played piano for me!



Many the church she was the main one,

Singing hymns as she played!

Piano just seemed, like, so natural!

Never ever looked frayed!



Or dismayed!  Once, when daughter joined us

At piano, she just a tot,

My frustration showed but the wife put

Her on bench nor missed a note!



Sure, much older now!  Sit and write!

As God  “Zings” the words to me,

Make mucho copies, deliver at church,

Of course, it’s all for free!



Sold many poems, earlier times

But now 4 each Lords’ day!

Sit, pass them out, as long as they last,

Of course, without pay!



Well, I have to preach!  That is my calling

Just obeying the call.

This has no message as others do

Explanatory is all!



I know I could sell many I write

But as salvation is free!

Why should I charge for what God gives?

Grace plenty good for me!



only the Sam 01.20.12

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