Four crosses on that hill I see

The 4th one is mine!

Must Jesus bear a cross by Himself

Rest of us just shine?



No!  There is a cross for Christians all!

Literally, no!

Some guy thought it that way, I guess

Results:  his name did show!



Not a pleasant disfigurement!

Happy?  Tell the world, no!

Outskirts of a city in

Old Mexico!



This fanatic attempting to prove

Simply that he could!

Or what else?  Who then can tell?

Did not turn out good!



Did he consider, like, sins of all

Or only his own?

Maybe just a show off posture.

We should not condone!



Could anyone take the Savior’s place?

Of course not a one!

Jesus, The Only Perfect man

As God!  Yes, God’s Son!



Yes, God, as man, the perfect was tempted

God-man must endure!

For 40 days temptation raged!

But endured pure!



Complete proof that Jesus was (is) God!

Further proof desired?

Crucified, buried, arose the grave!

God!  Indeed!  Inspired!



What else required?  More proof needed?

Real proof, deep in my heart!

This Superman Jesus is everywhere

And your invitation is a start!



To show the world what God can do!

First in cleansing from sin!

Then a change, sometimes gradual but sure!

As He enters in!



Takes over, you bet everything!

Gradually with some.

Jesus is patient.  Finally proves

True before day has, like, run.



the Sam 01.19.12

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