In the islands, after combat, fortunate to meet

Mario, a very unusual man.

Visited me oft at the base where conversation

Invariably drew others, as conversation can!



Soon 3 beds were full as interest grew

Inevitably!  So colorful!

His presence and our communication, avidly

As colorful and interests full!



Then we heard his piano arrangements given

In a stadium, one clear night

Free!  Colorful and masterful the presentation,

A concert pianist delight!



But one uneventful evening before lights out sounded

Our conversation suddenly turned

When fellow Filipinos he mentioned as, Pions

Simply I said, “Repeat, please.”



Then clearly, loudly the repetition sounded

These Pions  so ignorant!

“Get out!  Leave me!”  I hissed quietly

I knew many, His countrymen!



And appreciated their consistency in

Applauding his efforts with

Reutterance of one word repetition!



Again and again the cry, repetition

Loudly shouted above

Any other sound, of course, repetition!

This pianist, they loved!



But Pions, he called them!  Sure not talented

And not like himself, important!

If only they knew how he felt about them!

If only they felt true deportment!



Again and again shouted repetition sounded

Acknowledging pianist perfection!

How could they not sense from his attitude

His complete rejection! (?)



Surely not appreciatively acknowledging

Their grand praise of his efforts,

Instead rather haughty pronouncement of his feelings,

“Pions cannot afford my efforts.”



Did Jesus, Lord, our maker, defender,

Did He not love the very least?

Did He not love very least of us all?

In fact for us, least, love increased!



Thank God!



Sam I am!  01.16.12

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