Lord Jesus as I am watching those

Spikes enter you flesh

Then they lift and drop that cross!

Your limp arms as they stretch—



To near tearing hands from the spikes

Fresh the blood that flows

From those hands that healed the sick!

Rare is that blood it shows!



In multiplying the loaves and the fish

To feed the five-thousand men,

In touching, giving new life to those

Sick!  Lame to walk again!



In touching, giving life to me!  Through

Sicknesses and from death,

Leading patrol in World War II,

Thank Him for every breath!



 At a hundred-thirty lbs., skin and bones,

Wrestling those Island trails

Living on bullion and water for 6 months,

Half a year without fail.



Death all around us, squad down to four

Many more, many times in that fray,

Squad leader and I near only ones left,

Was it because I prayed?



Sure that!



Along with dear Mother’s prayers

For a son in combat zone.

Have mercy, protection, her earnest prayers,

For recklessness he is prone!



God answered prayers along with my promise

To serve Him, preaching His Word!

Upon separation this I did!

Through ten Churches, Word was heard!



Methodist then Evangelical Methodist.

Starting in Iowa then cross country

Finally California



Sam, the circuit rider 01.13.12

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